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Hydrofluoric acids (HF) in acid soil is a strong acid, hydrogen fluoride concentration of industrial HF, which is generally 40%, a relative density of 1.11-1.13. In argillaceous rock more with less carbonate, oil mud clogging is more serious and low carbonate content of the mud cake case, a common treatment hydrochloric acid is often not the desired effect. For these wells or injection wells more than a 10% -15% concentration of hydrochloric acid and 3% -8% concentration of HF and a mixed acid additives for processing. This mixed acid is commonly referred to acid soil.

Hydrofluoric acid have the ability of dissolution component of all rocks (quartz, clay, carbonate), but can not be use with HF alone, mainly due to the following two aspects:

When hydrofluoric acid and silicates and carbonates, and the reaction, the resultant gaseous substance, there are also soluble substances, it will generate residual acid-insoluble precipitate.

Hydrofluoric acid and sandstones reaction speed of the various components varies. The reaction rate of HF and carbonate fastest, followed by silicate (clay), quartz is the slowest. So when the HF into the sandstone formations, most of the first HF consumed in the reaction with the carbonate, not only wasting a lot of high value HF, and hindered its reaction with argillaceous component. However, the reaction rate of hydrochloric acid and carbonate than the reaction rate of HF and carbonate faster, so the soil hydrochloric acid ingredients can be put carbonates dissolved away, so that it can give full play to HF dissolution clay and the role of quartz components.