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Since the composition and properties of reservoir rocks are different, the actual treatment, the amount of acid, mud acid composition is different, mainly rely on the composition and nature of the rock. According to many years of practice shows that the 10-15% of HCL and 3-8% hydrofluoric acid mixed into the soil acid sufficient to dissolve the different components of the sandstone formation. Wherein the higher layer of local shale content, take maximum concentration of hydrofluoric acid; take the lower limit concentration of hydrochloric acid; higher carbonate content local level, the concentration of hydrochloric acid to take the upper limit, take the lower limit concentration of hydrofluoric acid. Such as: water injection wells, as long metal pipe corrosion, corrosion product is substantially ferrous sulfide, iron oxide and other substances, as they gather at the bottom of the water injected into the formation and clogged pores, causing the injection amount is reduced. Thus, the acid-treated injection wells main purpose is to relieve blockage bottom rust. 

Since these precipitates can be dissolved to produce hydrochloric acid salts soluble in water, the soil should be formulated in solution in hydrochloric acid-based. On the contrary, if the blockage is mainly shale, it should be a corresponding increase in the concentration of hydrofluoric acid. Like: the transformation of clay-based cemented sandstone or carbonate mud clogging ingredient is small, the soil solution of hydrofluoric acid concentration should be increased accordingly. Some oil formulated mud acid, hydrofluoric acid concentration exceeds the concentration of hydrochloric acid (such as 6% HF + 3% HCL), this site is often called mud acid solution to reverse soil acid.

The amount of acid soil and the concentration of hydrofluoric acid should be control, if excessive amount of hydrofluoric acid concentration is too large (more than 8%), one of the reason is hydrofluoric acid is expensive, besides, due to the amounts of dissolved cement, it is possible to make the sand off, damage to the sandstone structure, causing the formation sandy.