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Usage of solid hydrofluoric acid(HF):

1, For "Stainless Steel nitric - hydrofluoric acid wash" process mist suppression;

2, It is desirable to cancel HF to achieve the same effect. Can effectively suppress "nitric acid mist", the use of this agent is preferred;

3, The use of traditional mist inhibitors on the market, not a good suppression mist occasions, solid HF have effects;

4, Large pickling plants, environmental protection departments strict requirements mist control. Solid HF can effectively solve the problem;

5, Both required to suppress acid mist, but also to speed up the pickling rate, also claimed stainless steel case, the choice of the election, led by solid HF

6,HF, the solid amount is more than 60%, greater than 60% fluorine, and the balance being HF corrosion inhibitor, the total content of more than 97% effective; safe and efficient;

7, Hydrofluoric acid can be used as solid nitric acid wash additive, efficient and environmentally friendly.


1, A high effect of suppressing acid mist, fog optimal rate is 98%;

2, Dual fog, in the acidic liquid gas condensate cover conversion, full coverage liquid to form a thick dense foam shield. After double fog, which can achieve zero fog workshop;

3, Causing nitrate tobacco, red-brown fog, mist Huanglong and other special effects to eliminate the effect;

4, Hydrofluoric acid hydrogen fluoride gas is volatile, has a unique transformation and inhibitory effect;

5, The agent can be 1: 1 replace HF to ensure the speed and effectiveness. Only eliminates the hazard of HF, nitric acid mist can be effectively suppressed;

6, Rapid onset, after the addition of the agent, after a few minutes automatically and efficiently fog;

7, Both to promote the pickling rate, corrosion protection of steel supporting role;

8, Add convenience, ease of construction;

9, The agent phosphorus, hexavalent chromium harmful substances.