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Hydrofluoric acid is a key chemical product. Fluorine to optimize the allocation of resources, improve the comprehensive utilization of fluorine resources, to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly, intrinsically safe fluorine chemical industry system, and promote healthy and sustainable development of industry, in accordance with national laws and regulations and industrial policies, according to "total control , optimizing the configuration, energy saving, safety and environmental protection, technological innovation and sustainable development "principle, the development of this access conditions.

New hydrofluoric acid production plant: the establishment of new enterprises should comply with local fluorine chemical industry development planning and land use planning, there should be a stable and reliable fluorite resources and support, you must have entered the environmental capacity and security capacity, with a fluorine-containing contaminants (including including fluorine slag, liquids and gases, the same below) governance and resource utilization and hazardous chemical storage facilities, transportation facilities, vigorously develop the circular economy zone (including the industrial park, gathering area).

In the people's governments above the county level scenic spots and nature reserves, drinking water source protection areas and other areas that need special protection area, two kilometers outside the urban planning area within the boundaries, major rivers, roads, railways, waterways trunk two side, and area residents gathered prevent pollution and other companies within one kilometer perimeter, environmental state and local government regulations, within the safety distance, prohibit new construction, renovation and expansion of hydrofluoric acid production plant.