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To meet the energy-saving, environmental protection and production safety requirements, improve the fluorine resource utilization, achieve reasonable economies of scale, the new production of hydrofluoric acid, the total size should not less than 50,000 tons / year, the new single set of hydrogen fluoride production plant capacity should not less than 2 tons / year (resource utilization mode of production except hydrogen fluoride).

Security, safety equipment, the main section, key equipment should be implemented on-line control and remote video surveillance, the entire production line shall establish a comprehensive control performance and other online remote advanced DCS automatic control system.

New construction, renovation and expansion of hydrofluoric acid production plant should also supporting the construction of a fluorine-containing dust collection and utilization systems, sewage treatment systems and the fluorine-containing fluorine-containing slag recycling system.

Fluorite is prohibited as raw material, directly absorbed water new craft, expanded hydrofluoric acid production plant.

Hydrofluoric enterprises should be based on actual needs balance, in situ hydrofluoric acid as raw materials to the construction of HF production plant, the production of hydrofluoric acid to achieve clean.