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The new construction, renovation and expansion of hydrogen fluoride production plant, after 72 hours of continuous assessment of production, hydrofluoric acid per tonne of product firefly (powder) (Standard YB / T 5217, calcium fluoride content of not less than 97%) consume no more than 2.25 tons, the comprehensive water consumption is not more than 1 ton, the average annual comprehensive energy consumption can not be more than 450 kg of standard coal.

Hydrofluoric acid production enterprises should develop a recycling economy and improve the level of comprehensive utilization of energy and echelon use fluorite, fluorine gypsum slag and other resources.

The fluorine-containing slag gypsum calcium sulfate content of not less than 90% calcium fluoride content shall not exceed 2% sulfuric acid content shall not exceed 0.5%, the comprehensive utilization rate of 90% must be (including long-term contracts commissioned by the processing and utilization) above.

New hydrogen fluoride production plant renovation and expansion of the water cycle utilization rate should not less than 95%. Existing hydrogen fluoride production through the transformation of enterprises should, before the end of 2013 to achieve the above requirements; through the transformation unattainable, or exit to stop production on schedule.