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Hydrofluoric acid production of major equipment and processes outlined:

Specific procedures: The mining company flotation plant drying fluorite powder to the plant site by tractor with bucket elevator to the fluorite fluorite silo, dusty gas through the cyclone, baghouse emptying, firefly

Fluorite powder metered stone silo with a screw speed to the rotary reactor.

Fuming sulfuric acid and sulfuric acid absorption tower absorbed by the exhaust gas of  hydrofluoric acid in sulfuric acid tank to the mix, and this from the wash

Mixed acid wash tower. Mixed acid into the rotary reactor.

Rotary reactor to meet the heat required for the reaction with the flue gas by indirect heating jacket. Furnace slag discharged by the end of

Lime and after excess acid by hoist to the slag slag hopper.

The first reaction product gas into the dust, dust scrubber, cooling, and then turn into the primary cooler, condenser and two condenser. In the beginning of cooler condensate obtained in return scrubber; HF condenser condensate obtained through the crude storage tank into the distillation column to remove H2SO4, H2O and other heavies. Back scrubber distillation column kettle liquid; overhead distillate into the degassing tower to remove SO2, SiF4 and other light components. Degassed liquid bottoms product. HF two non-condensable gas condenser and degassed Overhead discharged into the non-condensable gas together with the sulfuric acid absorption tower, in this absorbing most of hydrofluoric acid production of major equipment and processes outlined with sulfuric acid, and then turn into the first and second water tower to produce fluorosilicone acid. Exhaust gas is not absorbed into the column, after which most of the acid gas wash, unabsorbed gas evacuation. Exhaust tower washing liquid and rinse acidic ground water to the waste water treatment apparatus, qualified treated effluent discharged into the drainage system.