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Hydrofluoric acid protection:

Body protection wear rubber acid suit. Hand protection Wear rubber gloves acid. Other protective work site prohibit smoking, eating and drinking. After work, take a shower. Separate storage of toxic pollution by the clothes, washed standby. To maintain good health habits. Materials to avoid strong base, active metal powder, glass products. 4 Waste disposal of excess lime precipitation method and precipitation in landfill reprocessing or recycling of supernatant was diluted into the wastewater system. Packing method loaded into the lead barrel or special plastic container and then into a wooden box. Gap with non-combustible material is filled into plastic bottles properly real special bakelite, rubber or lead containers strict closure before loading sturdy wooden box. Wooden box with non-combustible material liner box weighing no more than 20 kg 35 kg carton packaging limited package 4 bottles.

Hydrofluoric acid transport considerations:

Railway transport should be strictly in accordance with the Ministry of Railways, "Transport of Dangerous Goods Rules" in the dangerous cargo loading table equipped. When packaging to shipment complete loading should be safe. During transport to ensure that the container does not leak, did not fall, do not fall, no damage. It is strictly prohibited and bases, reactive metal powder, glass products, edible chemicals mixed mixed operation. Transport transport vehicles should be equipped with spill response equipment. Transit should prevent sunlight, rain and high temperature. Highway transportation according to provisions of the route not in residential areas and densely populated areas.