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Electronic grade hydrofluoric acid is mainly used as a cleaning agent and an etching agent for the photovoltaic industry (PV cell manufacturing), IC (integrated circuit (IC) and ultra large scale integrated circuits (VLSI) chip manufacturing) and glass thinned (liquid crystal display device manufacturing) industry, is one of the key supporting material. In the photovoltaic industry for silicon surface cleaning, etching; integrated circuits and VLSI fabrication, for wafer surface cleaning, chip cleaning process and corrosion; thinning in the glass industry, for cleaning liquid crystal display glass substrates, silicon nitride and silicon dioxide etching. Clean high-purity hydrofluoric acid cleaning strongly acidic, caustic, with nitric acid, acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, ammonium hydroxide, ammonium fluoride configuration, but also as an analytical reagent and preparation of high purity fluorinated chemicals.

Due to the continuous expansion of world markets Reagent, Reagent in research and production of the manufacturers and organizations are on the increase, expanding production scale, but the standard produced by the manufacturer for each non-Reagent the same. In order to regulate the standards of the world's Reagent, Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International organization (SEMI, namely Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Intemational) was founded in 1975, the SEMI Standards Committee chemical reagents, specially formulated Reagent international standards. Currently the International Organization for Standardization SEMI Reagent according to application range is divided into four levels: (1) SEMI-C1 standard (for> 1.2Lm IC technology production); (2) SEMI-C7 standard (applicable 0.8 ~ 1.2Lm IC technology of production); (3) SEMI-C8 standard (for 0.2 ~ 0.6Lm IC technology of production); (4) SEMI-C12 standard (for 0.09 ~ 0.2Lm IC production technology ).