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China is not yet a unified industry manufacturing standards, access to foreign standards International Semiconductor Association Standards: SEMI C1.8-1990 "hydrofluoric acid standard", SEMI C7.3-1990 "two hydrofluoric acid standard", SEMI C7.4-1990 "49% hydrofluoric acid two standards", often using modified according to these criteria. Therefore, there is a great difference in the quality of products enterprises, domestic enterprises are actively promoting the development of national standards for high purity industrial hydrofluoric acid, to determine the appropriate quality requirements according to the actual requirements of the electronics industry users, promote technological innovation, standardize the quality of products, guide production and promote exports.

Development of Reagent started in the mid-1970s, 1980 by the Beijing Institute of Chemical Reagents (hereinafter referred to as the reagents) in the domestic first successful development for small and medium-scale integrated circuit technology with the 22 5Lm MOS grade reagents. With the increasing integration density of integrated circuits, control Reagent soluble impurities and solid particles more strict, while the production, packaging and packaging material put forward higher requirements. In order to meet the needs of China's IC development, countries from the "Plan" beginning to "August", the Research and Development Reagent is included in the key scientific and technological plan, research tasks undertaken by the agent. The reagent has launched the BV-Ⅰ level, BV-Ⅱ grade level and BV-Ⅲ Reagent, wherein BV-Ⅲ grade Reagent meet international standards SEMI-C7 level for 0.8 to 1.2 Lm technology (1 ~ 4M) of manufacture and "Nine Five" end of the formation of a pilot scale 500t years. The reagent has conducted research and development of technology for the 0.2 ~ 0.6Lm of BV-Ⅳ Reagent level of the early 20th century.