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Some Electronic Chemicals Hydrofluoric acid according to the purity level into EL, UP level, UP-S grade three levels.

EL grade: metallic impurity content of less than 100ppb, 1 micron particle size control, to SEMI C1 C2 standard for small and medium-scale integrated circuits and electronic components processing

UP Level: apply 1 micron integrated circuits and TFT-LCD manufacturing process, the metal impurity content of less than 10 ppb or, through a 0.2 micron filter, 0.5 micron particle control, filling in class 100 clean environment, to achieve the standard SEMI C7.

UP-S grade: Suitable 0.35-0.8 micron integrated circuit processing technology, metal impurity content of less than 1ppb, through 0.05 micron filter, 0.2 micron particle control in class 100 clean environment filling reaches SEMI C8 standards.

Each microelectronics manufacturers of high-purity hydrofluoric acid requirements of different standards, can be divided into four classes: ① low-grade products for> 1.2μmIC technology production; ② affordable products for 0.8 ~ 1.2μmIC process technology production; ③ high-end products for 0.2 ~ 0.6μmIC technology production; ④ high-end products for 0.09 ~ 0.2μm and <0.09μm IC production technology.

Now able to produce SEMI C1 ~ stage 7 (including MOS grade level and BV-Ⅰ ~ Ⅲ) high purity hydrogen fluoride of about 10 companies, and can produce SEMI C8 ~ 12 level (roughly equivalent to higher-level products BV-Ⅲ ) is minimal.

Held in July 2010 Intersolar North America, SEMI PV Standards Committee adopted eight new PV standards, which regulate PV11-1110-- hydrofluoric acid / photovoltaic applications. National Standardization Technical Committee materials and equipment semiconductor FY2012 (TC203) meeting national quality inspection center will be involved in the photovoltaic "PV electronic grade hydrofluoric acid" and other national standards and revision.