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Photovoltaic industry (PV cell manufacturing) is one of the downstream industry of high purity hydrofluoric acid. According to the latest statistics show that in 2011 27.7GW global PV installed capacity, compared with 2010 new PV installed capacity increased by about 67%, far higher than in early 2011 market consensus of 22GW, the photovoltaic market once again in 2011 to become the renewable the energy of the "bright spot." By the end of 2011, global cumulative PV installed capacity reached 67.4GW, biomass and wind power is second only to the third largest renewable energy.

For the future direction of development of photovoltaic industry focuses on the following three points: First, large-scale photovoltaic manufacturing countries need to activate its domestic market, more digested in local capacity; second, because the majority of the continent enormous potential of photovoltaic development has not yet been developed in the next decade we need to develop new markets to promote the development of photovoltaic industry; third, in the future need to pay more attention to the principle of fair competition and open markets.

According to the latest statistics show that in Italy, Germany, China, the United States, France and Japan in 2011, installed capacity of more than 1GW, accounting for 82.10%. In 2011 the global cumulative installed capacity of 67GW, 40GW compared with the end of 2010 increased by 70%. China's market growth significantly, Chinese PV module manufacturer, to develop the domestic market operations in order to support their capacity growth. 2011 China new installed capacity of at least 2GW, United States 1.6GW, Japan 1GW, Australia 700MW, India 300MW. In addition, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and South America are also active in the photovoltaic market. Thus, hydrofluoric acid market still has room to development.