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Electronic grade hydrofluoric acid is mainly used as a cleaning and etching agent in photovoltaic industry, integrated circuit and glass thinning and other industries, is one of the key auxiliary materials. In photovoltaic industry, used for silicon wafer surface cleaning, etching; In the manufacture of integrated circuits and vlsi, used for wafer surface cleaning, chip processing, such as cleaning and corrosion; In glass thinning industry, used for LCD glass cleaning, silicon nitride and silicon dioxide etching, etc. At present, the electrons in the photovoltaic industry level demand of hydrofluoric acid is the largest, accounts for about 45%.

Integrated circuit industry is the world's major countries or regions to grab the strategic high ground. Innovation on the one hand, this field is still active, micro machining technology to continue along the Moore's law, changes to accelerate the market competition pattern, capital, technology, talent intensive, the challenge of increasingly serious. China's IC industry for many years, on the other hand, gather the vitality of technology innovation, market development ability, resource integration, power, and the broad market potential, as the industry in the next five years to achieve rapid development, the basis for the new stage.

In 2009, the global electronic grade hydrofluoric acid market consumption is about 150000 tons/year, according to the region to the statistics, the main consumption areas such as east Asia, North America, the European Union. Among them, the region accounted for the first place, accounting for 45% of total consumption, North America accounted for about 15%, accounted for about 14% of the eu region, other regions accounts for about 26%.

According to countries and regions to statistics, 2009 electronic grade hydrofluoric acid market consumption, respectively, for the 13800 tons in the first place, 103100 tons of Japan's second, the European Union, 12500 tons, China Taiwan, 8500 tons.