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As the global economic recovery, the photovoltaic industry will continue to be strong. And, as the domestic photovoltaic continuously introduce incentive policy, China's solar cell market industry will be rapid growth. The corresponding electronic grade hydrofluoric acid also rising demand, annual demand is about 40000 tons.  

Complex international environment, China pv industry faces many challenges. Throughout China's photovoltaic (pv) the financial statements of listed companies in 2011, the overall performance worse than in 2010, particularly in terms of the decline in the gross margin and cash flow tension. Along with the domestic photovoltaic enterprise survival pressure gradually expand, the international famous photovoltaic enterprises with "made in China" on the cost competition there is a certain gap, facing the situation is more serious. Through 2011, the international photovoltaic companies announced layoffs or bankruptcy, these enterprises involved in every production link of photovoltaic industry. Even some well-known companies have appeared in the closing part of the capacity or cutting. In the photovoltaic industry under the condition of survival plight, individual Europe and the United States the rapid growth of the shoot in photovoltaic photovoltaic enterprise, think China pv manufacturing enterprises in international competition, due to government subsidies, is in a state of fair competition. Therefore, November 8, 2011 the us department of commerce officially launched against Chinese imports of solar products "anti-dumping and countervailing" investigation. The incident itself on the global photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises is a very significant impact. In July 2012, Europe has launched against Chinese photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises "double reverse". Although the Chinese photovoltaic industry faces many challenges, but international and domestic unstoppable momentum to the development of new energy, so the corresponding electronic level, the demand of hydrofluoric acid is still rigid demand.  

In the manufacture of integrated circuits and vlsi, high purity hydrofluoric acid used for wafer surface cleaning, chip processing, such as cleaning and corrosion. In recent years, the domestic IC industry is one of the fastest growing regions around the world, at the same time, for the Chinese market, foreign companies to the domestic industry transfer, and speed is increased. At present the industry demand of electronic level of hydrofluoric acid in about 2 ~ 30000 tons, can achieve steady growth.