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In the glass thinning industry, high purity of hydrofluoric acid for LCD glass substrate cleaning, silicon nitride and silicon dioxide etching, etc. Global LCD panel industry are mainly concentrated in Japan, South Korea and China Taiwan, its corporate sector has most of the market share. Industry displays thinning business now in the market development, for the rise of the supporting industries of electronic industry, mainly concentrated in coastal areas of jiangsu, also on the rise year by year in recent years, in the market demand is about 20000 tons.  

Overall, China's domestic electronic grade hydrofluoric acid in the future demand of about 8 to 90000 tons, is the world's largest demand amount.

Electronic grade hydrofluoric acid production is concentrated in the electronics industry in developed countries and regions, such as Japan, China Taiwan, such as the European Union, the rapid development of domestic electronic grade hydrofluoric acid recently, 2009 global annual total production capacity of 150000 tons, the market supply and demand balance basically. According to incomplete statistics latest *, high purity hydrofluoric acid production at home and abroad more than 184900 tons/year. More than 42000 tons/year of foreign countries, China high purity hydrofluoric acid is more than 125200 tons/year capacity (including has built more than 27200 tons/year, construction of about 52000 tons/year, plans to build about 51000 tons/year), the Chinese Taiwan area more than 17700 tons/year. From the point of development trend, the foreign production is declining, China electronic hydrofluoric acid capacity is growing rapidly.