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Photovoltaic industry is the downstream industry of hydrofluoric acid. As the global economic recovery, the photovoltaic industry will continue to be strong. The solar cell market industry saw rapid growth in China, and now it has become the world's largest producer of photovoltaic cells, data show that by the end of 2011 China crystal silicon and component manufacturing capacity sufficient to meet the demand of the global pv market. 

The corresponding solar photovoltaic industry electronic grade hydrofluoric acid demand will be rising, demand about close to 40000 tons. Complex international environment, China pv industry faces many challenges, but international and domestic unstoppable momentum to the development of new energy, so the corresponding electronic level, the demand of hydrofluoric acid is still rigid demand. In recent years, the domestic IC industry is one of the fastest growing regions around the world, at the same time, for the Chinese market, foreign companies to the domestic industry transfer, and speed is increased. Integrated circuit industry electronic level demand of hydrofluoric acid in about 2 ~ 30000 tons, can achieve steady growth. Global LCD panel industry are mainly concentrated in Japan, South Korea and China Taiwan, its corporate sector has most of the market share. Industry displays thinning business now in the market development, for the rise of the supporting industries of electronic industry, mainly concentrated in jiangsu and zhejiang coastal area, such as in recent years are also rise year by year, glass thinning industry market demand of about 20000 tons. 

Overall, China's domestic electronic grade hydrofluoric acid is expected in the future demand of about 8 to 90000 tons, is the world's largest demand amount. But the actual demand may be far less than the total output of the buyer can demand dosage, which related to the downstream industry chaos development capacity. According to incomplete statistics, at present the electronic grade hydrofluoric acid three industry total annual demand about 30000 tons, including about 20000 tons of solar photovoltaic industry, about 8000 tons of integrated circuit industry, glass thinning industry of about 3000 tons.