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Hydrofluoric acid is a very dangerous inorganic acids, by contact with human skin, mucous membranes, esophagus, respiratory, ocular surface into the body, the body can cause severe corrosion and systemic poisoning.

In recent years, the incidence of hydrofluoric acid burns increased year by year. Hydrofluoric acid mechanism of injury is mainly absorbed by the body and the release of large quantities of hydrogen ions, early diagnosis and proper treatment of hydrofluoric acid burns are particularly important.

The primary action of hydrofluoric acid burns is to prevent its continued absorption, as well as blocking the damage sustained fluoride ions. Due to the particularity and diversity of hydrofluoric acid burns, local treatment and systemic support is particularly critical.

However, hydrofluoric acid burn patients treated remains difficult in some cases, there is no universally accepted treatment strategies. The current status of hydrofluoric acid burn reviewed in this paper, problems and treatment strategies to promote future research and development.