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The leadership and chemical design experts have a reaearch on the existence of hydrofluoric acid tank area of the crisis on the tank production enterprises to upgrade the project. By looking at the scene, asked the person in charge, to understand the business of hydrofluoric acid tank area of the hardware facilities, emergency facilities, emergency methods and security facilities with the situation. Finally, the research group convened three business executives and the relevant safety technical personnel discussion, by the chemical design experts on the three companies of hydrofluoric acid tank area one by one feedback, and on the upgrading of hydrofluoric acid tank area to explore the program to explore, to discuss the best solution for hydrofluoric acid tank area security precautions.

Hydrofluoric acid tank to enhance the transformation of this task is imminent, we must fully understand the need to upgrade and the importance of further study of hydrofluoric acid tank, upgrading of the technical solutions to find the best solution to minimize disputes, hydrofluoric acid tank area to enhance the transformation program once identified, the enterprises should be unconditional implementation of the hydrofluoric acid tank area, especially the loading and unloading areas should be done as far as possible "isolated", unrelated personnel shall not be close; on the current hydrofluoric acid tanks under the conditions of safety, analysis and other safety measures should be done as much as possible to ensure safety.