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Hydrofluoric acid, hydrofluoric acid is a colorless but irritating taste of the weak acid, it can exist in the form of gas or liquid.

The application of hydrofluoric acid from the refrigeration, corrosion, glass polished, ceramic industry to marble washing, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, dyes, plastics, solvents, condensate, high octane petroleum raw materials manufacturing, semiconductor industry, micro Manufacture of electronic circuits, quartz crystal manufacturing, home herbicides, brighteners and detergents, etc. contain its ingredients.

The use of hydrofluoric acid should avoid contact with the body, including skin, eyes and respiratory tract, to prevent contact with the skin need to wear fluorinated polyethylene (PVDF), natural rubber and other materials of the gloves is appropriate, easy to splash the occasion should be systemic protection, you can use the rubber material with body-style protective clothing, work boots, eye should use goggles or full-face mask.