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What is the application of hydrofluoric acid? Does it harm to people? How to deal with the leakage of hydrofluoric acid? Hydrofluoric acid, which is exposed to higher levels of the skin (above 50%), immediately causes pain, whitening, redness, blistering within one to two hours and necrosis and ulceration from six to twenty-four hours. The low concentration (10% or less) is often six hours or more before the onset of pain and other symptoms, the most common site of injury is the finger.

Hydrofluoric acid can highly penetrating, deep damage to the bones:

It is an osmotic substance, not something like hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid, once exposed to the skin, burns directly to the skin. But hydrofluoric acid is different, the main damage from the fluoride ion, it will directly into the skin inside, reaching the bone.With a strong corrosive, leading to the body's bone is very fragile.

Within the human body, hydrofluoric acid reacts with calcium ions and magnesium ions, and as such, it causes organ loss by virtue of the above two ions. When the human body contacts hydrofluoric acid, it will corrode into the deep tissue of the skin, and the skin will not change its appearance within hours. When patients have pain, hydrofluoric acid has been in response to calcium in the bones, the skin is eroded or necrotic. If left untreated, it may eventually lead to serious, even fatal, damage to the heart, liver, kidney, and nervous system.

Can be absorbed through the skin and respiratory tract by the body. Inhalation of hydrofluoric acid mist can cause bronchitis and hemorrhagic pulmonary edema, human intake of 1.5g can lead to immediate death, the skin absorption can cause serious poisoning.

Once in contact, rinse quickly with plenty of water:

Once the body is exposed to hydrofluoric acid, the most important thing is to quickly rinse with plenty of water, and immediately take off the clothes contaminated by hydrofluoric acid, so as not to contaminate the spread. After washing, you can use the neutralization agent calcium grape cream applied to the injured area, must first wear rubber gloves, and continue to whom. After the above treatment, should be immediately sent to medical treatment.

If the contact area is too wide, or if the delay is too long, the medical staff may be in the artery or surrounding tissue injection of calcium salt solution. But in any case, after exposure to hydrofluoric acid must be timely and professional care.

Even if treated in time, less than 10% of the body surface area exposed to hydrofluoric acid can be fatal. Swallowing high concentrations of hydrofluoric acid can cause acute hypocalcemia, leading to cardiac arrest and death.