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New hydrofluoric acid production plant, the newly established fluorine chemical enterprises should be consistent with the local industrial development planning and land use planning, should have a stable and reliable fluorite and other resources to protect, must enter the environmental capacity and safety capacity, with fluorine pollutants including fluorine-containing slag, liquid and gas), comprehensive utilization of resources and comprehensive utilization of facilities and hazardous chemicals storage and transportation facilities, and vigorously develop the circular economy of the development zone (including industrial parks, industrial clusters).

Within two kilometers of the boundary of the urban planning area, the scenic spots, nature reserves, drinking water source protection areas and other special protection areas prescribed by the people's governments at or above the county level shall be within two kilometers of the boundary of major urban rivers, roads, railways and waterways.Residential areas and other pollution prevention enterprises within 1 km, the state and local government regulations within the environmental protection, safety and protection distance, prohibit therenovation and expansion of hydrofluoric acid production plant.

Hydrofluoric acid production enterprises that not in the zone, in addition to carrying out safety and environmental transformation, forbid to add hydrofluoric acid production capacity, to encourage these enterprises to stop production or move to the development zone. In addition to the development and production of high purity, ultra-clean electronics and other industries for hydrofluoric acid products and production of hydrofluoric acid raw materials for their own use, it is not allowed to expand the hydrofluoric acid production equipment for non-raw materials.