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Scale, process and equipment of hydrofluoric acid enterprise:

(1) In order to meet the requirements of energy saving, environmental protection and safety production, improve the utilization rate of fluorine resources and achieve a reasonable scale economy, the total size of hydrogen fluoride in new production enterprises shall not be less than 50,000 tons per year, the new production capacity of hydrogen fluoride production unit shall not less than 20,000 tons /year (the comprehensive utilization of resources, except for the production of hydrogen fluoride). 

(2) New and expanded hydrogen fluoride production equipment shall adopt advanced process technology and adopt energy-saving, environmental protection and safety equipment. The main sections and key equipment shall realize on-line control and remote video monitoring. The entire production line shall establish integrated control performance. And other on-line remote automatic control system. 

(3) Fluorine production facilities for newly built or renovated facilities shall be constructed at the same time with the construction of fluorine-containing dust collection and utilization system, the fluorine-containing wastewater treatment system and the resource system of fluorine-containing slag. 

(4) Prohibit the use of fluorite as raw materials, direct absorption of water using new technology, expansion of hydrofluoric acid production plant. Hydrofluoric acid application enterprises should be based on the actual balance of production needs, in situ hydrogen fluoride as raw materials to build hydrofluoric acid production unit, to achieve hydrofluoric acid production clean.