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New and expanded hydrofluoric acid production facilities shall strictly abide by the environmental impact assessment system, adopt clean production technology, and simultaneously build supporting environmental facilities and resource-based facilities in accordance with the principle of environmental protection "three simultaneous". The waste discharge should meet the requirements of GB 8978 "Standard for Pollution Control of Storage and Disposal of Industrial Solid Wastes". The discharge of waste liquid should meet the requirements of GB 8978 "Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard", GB 16297 "Integrated Emission Standard for Air Pollutants" Claim. Where there are more stringent pollutant discharge standards, the relevant local pollutant emission standards should also meet the requirements. 

Gypsum slag should be effectively recovered and comprehensive utilization, prohibiting free storage, landfill. FGD slag should be closed storage, storage area must be anti-leakage treatment. 

Existing hydrofluoric acid production enterprises should carry out clean production audit according to regulations and through the assessment of cleaner production, should meet the above requirements.