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Hydrofluoric acid using hydrogen fluoride product, the quality should meet the GB 7744 "industrial hydrofluoric acid" or production enterprises internal control requirements.

The quality of the hydrogen fluoride product shall meet the requirements of GB 7746 "Industrial anhydrous hydrogen fluoride" for the newly built, expanded and expanded hydrogen fluoride production unit. 

New and expanded hydrofluoric acid production facilities shall be designed by the design units with Grade A qualification, and the units with the corresponding qualification shall organize environmental, health, safety evaluation and energy conservation assessment. Construction shall be carried out by units with Class A qualification, National, industry, local management norms and regulations, improve the management system. 

Hydrofluoric acid production enterprises should adopt the quality management system, environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system certification; must establish and improve the safety management system of dangerous chemicals and fluorine bone disease and other occupational disease prevention and control system; actively promote the energy management system.