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(1) The investment management, land supply, environmental assessment, safety permit, energy saving assessment, credit financing, production license, etc. of hydrofluoric acid production projects shall be based on this access condition.

The administrative department of land and resources shall not go through the formalities of land use, and the administrative department of environmental protection shall not go through the formalities of examination and approval of environmental protection. The safety supervision department shall not handle the security permit, and the financial institution shall not provide credit support. The local people's government or the relevant competent department may decide to revoke or order to suspend the construction of the project according to law. 

(2) Before the completion of the hydrofluoric acid production unit, the Joint Inspection Unit, which is composed of administrative departments and experts, such as industry, investment, land resources, environmental protection, safety and quality control, and other relevant experts at or above the provincial level, if the inspection does not meet the conditions for entry, it shall be ordered to make rectification within a time limit. 

(3) Provincial industry and information technology departments to strengthen the hydrofluoric acid production enterprises to implement the conditions for access to supervision and inspection. The industry associations should actively promote the implementation of national industrial policies, strengthen industry self-discipline, to assist the relevant government departments to do a good job of industry supervision and management.

(4) The list of hydrofluoric acid production enterprises that meet the conditions of this access, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will announce to the public on a regular basis and implement dynamic management.