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High purity industrial products hydrofluoric acid is one of the indispensable key chemicals in the manufacture of microelectronic technology. It's mainly used in solar photovoltaic cells, liquid crystal display devices, integrated circuits (ICs) and VLSI chips of the cleaning and corrosion, the production process is the key to the chemical industry one of the materials. Its purity and cleanliness of the integrated circuit of the yield, electrical properties and reliability have a very important impact. It is based on the development of microelectronics technology development, while restricting the development of microelectronics technology.

In recent years, the global demand for electronic chemicals market is growing rapidly, the last two years to maintain growth rate of more than 10%, so high purity industrial products development prospects of hydrofluoric acid is very broad. China's electronic chemicals industry in recent years through technological innovation and structural adjustment, already have a certain basis, hydrofluoric acid in the country has several large enterprises in the production, product level is mainly UP-class, EL-and UP-S-level, main exports to the United States, Germany, Japan and Taiwan. The quality of products of several manufacturers to investigate and found that there is a big difference in product quality, good and bad product quality and price of the vicious competition seriously affected the development of the product, the current urgent need to develop high-purity industrial products hydrofluoric acid national standards, according to the actual requirements of the electronics industry users to determine the appropriate quality requirements. The introduction of new standards to promote enterprise technological innovation, standardize product quality, guide the production and promotion of export is of great significance. There is no unified domestic electronic hydrofluoric acid standards. We proposed the development of "high purity industrial hydrofluoric acid" industry standards, scope and main technical content includes: provides a high purity industrial products hydrofluoric acid classification, requirements, test methods, inspection rules As well as signs, labeling, packaging, transportation, storage and safety. For high purity industrial products hydrofluoric acid. The product is mainly used for cleaning and corrosion of the electronics industry. A brief description of the situation at home and abroad: 1. Foreign production for many years, and the technology is mature, high quality. China's first production line built in July 2009, the current domestic production scale of a certain number of enterprises have five or so. Product quality has reached the UP-level and EL-class, the highest to achieve UP-S-class products have been recognized in the international market, the current exports to the United States, Germany, Japan and Taiwan. The standard involves the high quality of the product, so most of the analytical items to test the main instrument, the current domestic production of some enterprises have adopted advanced instrument analysis, to the level of foreign analytical techniques. 2. The current international standards are: SEMI C1.8-1990 "Hydrofluoric Acid Standard", SEMI C7.3-1990 "Secondary Hydrofluoric Acid Standard", SEMI C7.4-1990 "49 % Secondary hydrofluoric acid standard ". This standard and the adoption of the above standards for the modified use. 3. At present there is no relevant standards. 4. No intellectual property rights were covered. 

In July 2010 at Intersolar North America, SEMI Photovoltaic Standard Committee adopted eight new PV standards, including PV11-1110 - hydrofluoric acid specifications /PV applications. 2012 National Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Standardization Technical Committee (TC203) meeting, the National Photovoltaic Quality Inspection Center will participate in "photovoltaic cells with electronic grade hydrofluoric acid" and other national standards for the preparation. 

International SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International) standardization organizations according to the high purity reagents in the world of the actual development of the classification by species, each species into a guiding standard, including a number of different technology for the grade.