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Hydrofluoric acid pump is designed and manufactured according to the international standard combined with the process of non-metal pump. The pump cover, the impeller and the bushings are made of the metal inserts and the fluorine plastics are sintered and pressed integrally. The shaft seal adopts the external advanced bellows mechanical seal, the static sealing ring with 99.9% alumina ceramic (or silicon nitride), dynamic ring with PTFE filling material, its excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Import and export of the pump are cast steel body reinforcement to enhance the pump's pressure resistance. Practical use shows that the pump has the advantages of corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, no aging, high mechanical strength, smooth operation, advanced and reasonable structure, strict and reliable sealing performance, easy disassembly and maintenance, and long service life.

Use range of hydrofluoric acid pump:

1. Pressure limit: pressure limit of 1.0MPa, pay attention to the pump output pressure can not exceed the pressure limit. 

2. Operating temperature range: -20 ~ 100 ℃; Ambient temperature range: 0 ~ 40 ℃; Ambient humidity range: 35 ~ 85% RH 

3. If the operating temperature range of 100 ℃ ~ 150 ℃, The flow-through components are made of high-temperature fluorine plastic. 

4. Can be transported with a small amount of particles and crystallization of the medium (solid content ≤ 10%), prohibit the transmission will produce a large number of bubbles of media. 5. Liquid viscosity on the pump performance: When the viscosity of the liquid changes, the pump performance has changed.

Precautions use of hydrofluoric acid pump:

1, Centrifugal pump to prohibit air transport equipment, the pump running the minimum flow: the design point of 35%.

2, If the pump is running cavitation, must be shut down in 1 minute.

3, Medium temperature changes should be controlled at 40 ℃ or less, high temperature rise /down may lead to damage to pump parts. 

4, If the pump running a sudden power failure, you must immediately turn off the power, and close the outlet valve. 

5, Pump noise ≤ 95dB, in the event of vibration and noise, should stop inspection, troubleshooting, to work.

6, The pump inlet diameter <150mm: Select grease-lubricated bearings, bearing box to prohibit additional oil. Pump inlet port into ≥ 150mm: Select oil-lubricated bearings, bearing boxes to be additional oil. 

Note: IHF100-65-250, IHF125-100-200 (250) centrifugal pump with oil lubricated bearings, bearing box to be additional oil.