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A laboratory technician died after an incident in which it is believed that he accidentally spilt between 100 and 230 ml of 70% Hydrofluoric acid onto his legs. He sustained burns to 9% of his body area, despite attempting to wash the acid off. He took refuge in a swimming pool from which he was rescued by an ambulance approximately 40 minutes later. He was hypothermic and hypocalcaemic on admission to hospital and eventually died, after 15 days, of multiple organ failure.

An earlier fatality in 1980 resulted from burns to only 2.5% of the body.A worker who was dealing with a solution containing 5% Hydrofluoric acid had gloves that contained a pinhole. When she consulted her doctor later for pain in her finger a non-specific burn ointment was applied. After several days the damage had developed to the extent that when, still in pain, she finally presented at hospital it was necessary to amputate her finger, due to the serious and irreversible damage that the acid had done to the bone.

Anhui Province in China, a high school student participate in the competition ues hydrofluoric acid to carve glass. Resulting in a leak, probably a class of students affected. Once exposed to hydrofluoric acid, immediately look for Prevention Hospital Affiliated Hospital of local chemical or chemical plant / Chemical University for medical treatment, do not delay time! Before the arrival of medical assistance, rinse with water, if the conditions of calcium gluconate gel coating or using other drugs hexafluoro spirit. Hydrofluoric acid is extremely dangerous, school organization high school students for such experiments is highly irresponsible.Statutory exposure limits are only available in relation to exposure by inhalation. The short term exposure limit (15 minutes) for hydrofluoric acid fumes is 2.5 mg m-3 or 3 ppm. In view of the serious health effects that have already been described, every effort must be made to avoid exposure to HF by either workers or First Aiders. The principal exposure risks are by inhalation of the vapour and contact with the liquid.