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Medical help is required urgently if: The casualty is collapsed or has been unconscious due to inhalation of Hydrofluoric acid fumes.The casualty has ingested HF.The fire brigade will be required if a person has collapsed in an HF atmosphere, and you have been unable to ventilate the atmosphere and make it safe.If either of these is the case, send someone to make a 1-999 call immediately, before deciding on your next action. Make sure that the following information is passed on: The direct dial number of a telephone close to you, so that the emergency services can call you back. The exact location of the incident, including the department name and the room number. An indication of the seriousness of the incident, and that it is HF exposure. The number of casualties involved. Ensure so far as you can that someone is sent to meet the ambulance and guide them to the casualty. In other, less urgent cases, transport to hospital may be arranged by car.

If the Hydrofluoric acid is at approximately 40% dilution or less and it is at room temperature, RPE is not required. If the HF is greater than 40% or has been heated AND has been spilt outside the fume cupboard, then your first priority is to get the casualty to leave the room where it happened. If the casualty is unable to do this, they will need rescue. Normally this will require assistance from the Fie Brigade, since it will need more than one person with RPE.

Although hydrofluoric acid is a weak acid, but they are highly corrosive highly toxic, and it has hurt "latent" and easily overlooked People familiar with concentrated sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other dangerous different, though hydrofluoric acid is a weak acid, but as a strong corrosive, can cause fatal damage to the human body. Since hydrofluoric acid has a high fat-soluble, fluorine ions can penetrate the skin, bones deep, cause deep tissue necrosis, and fluorine ions are easy to combine with the body of calcium, resulting in hypocalcemia, causing systemic poisoning and even death. In addition also the danger that a low concentration of hydrofluoric acid and does not immediately cause human pain, hydrofluoric acid concentrations of less than 20% in the latest 24 hours after showing symptoms, it is often ignored and miss the party optimal treatment time.