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Hydrofluoric acid is the substance of the project involved in the highest toxicity, the highest risk of leakage of material, should be the focus of accident prevention. 

The site of hydrofluoric acid to the site with a cylinder storage, is the case of liquid production. The temperature of hydrogen fluoride in the cylinder is about the same as the ambient temperature, and the pressure in the cylinder increases with the increase of the ambient temperature. 

The project has the highest storage capacity of 8 cylinders and 580 kg of hydrogen fluoride per cylinder. 

This report assumes that a cylinder is broken or the damage to the attachment results in leakage of liquid hydrogen sulfide and calculates the range and concentration of hydrogen sulfide gas bubbles formed during the hydrogen evolution of hydrogen fluoride. 

Hydrogen fluoride cylinders in the quality of toxic liquefied hydrogen sulfide W:

W = 680kg

It is assumed that the liquid hydrogen fluoride temperature t in the bottle when the leakage of hydrogen fluoride is 30 ° C

C = 3. 35 kJ / kg · C hydrogen fluoride q

Q = 975 kJ / kg

The standard boiling point of hydrogen fluoride is t0 = 19.4 °C

When the container ruptures, the hydrogen fluoride gasification causes the remaining liquid hydrogen fluoride temperature to drop rapidly to the standard boiling point, and its total vaporization heat Q

Q = W · C (t-t0) = 680 × 3.35 × (30-19.4) kJ = 24146.8Kj

The evaporation of hydrogen fluoride W '

W '= Q / q

= 24146.8 ÷ 975kg

= 24.77kg

According to the relevant information, the concentration of hydrofluoric acid in the air 400 ~ 430mg /m3, the contact personnel will be acute poisoning death; concentration of 100 mg /m3, people can only tolerate 1 minute; concentration 50mg / m3, people can feel Skin irritation, mucosal irritation. The following calculation of the concentration of 400mg /m3, 100mg /m3, 50mg /m3 when the volume of toxic air and diffusion radius.

As can be seen from the above calculation, when the leakage of hydrofluoric acid, the leakage point as the center, the radius of 30.92 meters within the scope of the staff have caused the risk of acute poisoning, a radius of 49.09 meters within the range of personnel if not within 1 minute will cause poisoning, radius of 61.84 meters within the scope of the staff can feel skin irritation, mucosal irritation.