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Hydrogen fluoride, also known as hydrofluoric acid, is the basis of fluorine chemical industry, China is the world's largest producer of hydrogen fluoride.

At present, the world is basically the use of fluorite and sulfuric acid reaction to produce hydrogen fluoride, because fluorite and sulfuric acid raw materials easy to obtain, large supply and stability, has large-scale industrial production technology mature and reliable. Hydrogen fluoride production technology line is divided into atmospheric pressure process and pressure process, the difference is the distillation tower, degassing tower using atmospheric pressure operation and pressure operation. As the hydrogen fluoride at atmospheric pressure boiling point is 19.5 ℃, so the atmospheric pressure distillation column, degassing tower tower top condenser are required to use chilled water for condensation, and chilled water to consume a lot of power, so the two tower condenser in the hydrogen fluoride plant energy consumption accounted for a large proportion of the pressurized process by increasing the operating pressure of the two towers, so that the boiling point of hydrogen fluoride rose to 50 ℃ or more, so the top of the condenser can use circulating water to hydrogen fluoride condensation, due to low energy consumption of circulating water, energy-saving effect is remarkable.