Potassium fluoride,anhydrous
           Potassium fluoride,extra pure
           Potassium fluoride,Granular
           Silicon Dioxide
           Hydrofluoric acid
           Synthetic Cryolite
           Potassium Fluoaluminate
           Ammonium bifluoride
           Potassium Bifluoride
           Aluminium fluoride
           Sodium fluoride
           Potassium Fluorosilicate
           Fluorosilicic Acid
           Sodium silicofluoride
           Potassium Hydroxide Flakes
           Magnesium Fluoride
           Magnesium fluorosilicate
           Barium Fluoride
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IC industry high purity reagents: sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, ammonia, ammonium fluoride corrosion solution, isopropyl alcohol and so on. The range of products and technologies for electronic chemicals is wide. The product range includes gases, various metals, plastics, resins, ceramics, ordinary and high purity organic or inorganic compounds and mixtures. The scope of technology includes photochemical chemistry, electrochemistry, high temperature plasma physics, laser radiation reaction and polymerization molding.

According to foreign statistical classification, electronic chemicals are generally classified according to the use of substrate, photoresist (domestic said photoresist), protective gas, special gas, solvent, acid and alkali corrosion agent, electronic special adhesives, auxiliary materials. Can also be summarized as: integrated circuit chemicals, printed circuit board chemicals, liquid crystal and conductive compounds and other electrical and electronic auxiliary materials.