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2015, inorganic fluoride, hydrofluoric acid total capacity control in 1.6 million tons, the output is about 1.1 million tons. Fluoride total capacity control in 1.2 million tons, the output is about 900,000 tons. Fluorinated alkanes and ODS alternatives, with a total capacity of 1 million tonnes. Fluorine-containing polymer, the total production capacity will reach 134,000 tons, production reached 94,000 tons.

Fluorine chemical industry due to high technology, high performance, high value added by the industry as the "gold industry", but the current low level of fluorine chemical industry, redundant construction, unlimited expansion of production capacity, resulting in disorderly competition, fluorite resources consumption is too fast affect the sustainable development of the industry.

China Fluorosilicone Organic Materials Industry Association Honorary Chairman Yue Rundong said that the current industry for the existence is the main problems, need to adjust the structure, the optimal allocation of resources to enhance the fluorine products, fluorine material added value, to achieve the rational use of limited resources. To this end, "planning" to promote industrial technology innovation and industrial core competitiveness as the goal, do a good job of structural adjustment: industrial restructuring to improve industry access standards, out of backward technology, outdated equipment.