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The hydrofluoric acid access regulations stipulate that: 

1) The existing hydrofluoric acid production enterprises in the development zone shall not add hydrofluoric acid production capacity, to encourage the enterprises to stop production or relocate to the development zone in addition to safety and environmental protection. 

2) In addition to the development and production of high-purity, ultra-clean electronics and other industries dedicated hydrofluoric acid products and production of self-used hydrofluoric acid raw materials, not new, expansion of non-raw materials for the production of hydrofluoric acid.

3) The total size of the acid should not be less than 50,000 t /a, a new set of hydrogen fluoride production capacity of a single set of production capacity of not less than 20,000 t /a (comprehensive utilization of resources in addition to the production of hydrofluoric acid). 

4) Acid production device, the continuous 72h production assessment, per 1t hydrofluoric acid products fluorite (powder) (in accordance with YB / T5217-2005 "fluorite" standard, calcium fluoride mass fraction of not less than 97%) consumption shall not be higher than 2.25t, comprehensive water consumption shall not be higher than 1t, the average annual energy consumption shall not exceed 450kg (standard coal).

At present, China's low-end fluoride equipment and product quality can be comparable with foreign production technology, but in the high-end fluoride production technology is still at a disadvantage, many high-end fluoride is also mainly dependent on imports, product quality is very different. However, China's high-end fluoride production technology has also made a major breakthrough, such as high-tech products, lithium hexafluorophosphate to achieve the localization. The author elaborates the production technology of the main products of inorganic fluoride in China.