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Hydrofluoric acid is the precursor of inorganic fluoride and organic fluoride. It is the main raw material of national defense industry and chemical industry. Its production technology is also developed from the production of soil to the current 10,000-ton production equipment. The key points and difficulties of its technology are the application of pre-reactor, the use of pressure distillation and the return of the application of three aspects.

The use of the production of hydrofluoric acid products can reduce equipment corrosion, improve product quality, reduce production costs, improve the working environment for the follow-up fluorine chemical processing production to provide reliable raw materials.

Ore and hydrofluoric acid and other initial processing of the lowest value of products, fluorine chemical products with the extension of the product and new product research and development, the increment of its value gradually increased.

Electronic grade chemicals are still in the initial stages of research, and traditional fluorosols will gradually enter the recession phase. To improve the vitality of traditional fluoride, need to develop high-end fluoride salt products.