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At present, many companies are specialized in fluorine chemical product research, development, production and management of high-tech enterprises, the main products are anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, industrial hydrofluoric acid, electronic grade hydrofluoric acid, BOE, electronic grade ammonium fluoride, high purity ammonia , lithium hexafluorophosphate, fluorine gas and so on. For the integrated circuit, photovoltaic industry, is the manufacture of electronic products, one of the key chemical materials.

Relevant news shows that in order to provide power, so that the device thickness is thin and rapid response and other characteristics of the display, Huawei, Xiao Mi and other Chinese brands, including manufacturers plan to import its products into the OLED panel. And in this year's official sales of AppleWatch, by LGDisplay provided by the small size OLED display panel, Apple may also be able to expand its products into the OLED panel.

According to IHSTechnology China Research Director KevinWang earlier said in personal microblogging, including Huawei, Xiao Mi and other Chinese brands, including manufacturers are planning to use its OLED display panel products, OLED display panel is expected to make the device more thin, while the content display is also faster than other screen performance, performance in the color is relatively more real, bright.

At the same time, KevinWang also said that Apple will be significantly introduced in 2016 OLED display panel, but not sure will be used in iPhone or iPad and other products. And on the current Apple and LGDisplay cooperation panel supply relationship, coupled with AppleWatch has been working together to provide OLED panel, Apple is expected to maintain cooperation with LGDisplay, and will not turn to Samsung's AMOLED panel.