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Ingestion with Hydrofluoric acid: Never attempt to induce vomiting. If the casualty is conscious, rinse out the mouth with water. This could be a life-threatening emergency; call an ambulance and send the casualty to Hospital. Be prepared to resuscitate the casualty. Information to Accompany the Casualty to Hospital. If possible the First Aider should accompany the casualty to hospital. The hospital will need to know.

That the exposure was to Hydrofluoric acid. The concentration of the HF. The approximate quantity. The route of exposure -.e.g. inhalation, skin contact. When this took place. The immediate signs and symptoms. This will include the level of responsiveness and any changes. Any treatment given. Any associated injuries. Pulse rate and any changes. Any blood loss sustained. Any unusual behaviour of the casualty.

Pointing the problem to "the student fails to guide the use of" is passing the buck, the school should not give high school students to experiment with hydrofluoric acid. The school said that students afterwards poisoning is due to "failure to guide the requirements rinse thoroughly," so quite a few people think chemistry experiment course inevitably contaminated reagents,  it should blame the students themselves for their careless. But in fact, the problem points to the students completely shirk responsibility. The essence of the problem is that this high-risk chemical hydrofluoric acid should never have brought into a lack of knowledge of high school students to do the experiment. State Administration of Work Safety requirements in the hydrofluoric acid has also been pointed out that "the operator must go through specialized training, master skills, have knowledge of emergency response." In addition, the high school curriculum requires teachers also did not show hydrofluoric acid test.