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Product export tax policy to distinguish between primary and high-end, to encourage deep processing of products, the development of high-tech, restricted consumption of primary consumption of resources. Industrial hydrofluoric acid is the primary raw material products, the current overcapacity, leading to China's high-grade, easy to exploit fluorite mine in a very serious over-exploitation state; and high-purity hydrofluoric acid technology requirements, high added value, China's electronics industry is of great significance. I suggest that industrial-grade hydrofluoric acid should be exported to high tariffs, and the relationship between the information security of electronic grade hydrofluoric acid should reduce export tariffs.

In the development of global HFCs gradually cut the agreement, to consider the industry, industry associations, corporate interests.

To develop HFCs to phase out international programs, first to reduce the use of high GWP value of HFCs products, new facilities, the domestic freeze HFCs production capacity, prohibit the approval.