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Making The Area Safe,away from Hydrofluoric acid: It is the responsibility of the Users to ensure that the area is made safe – e.g. the room ventilated, and spills neutralised and mopped up. If the incident has been serious, requiring the transport of the casualty to hospital in an ambulance, only the minimum clearing up should be done – confined to making the area safe. A formal investigation may be required.

The Immediate Aftermath and Reporting the Incident about Hydrofluoric acid: A normal accident report form should be completed. In addition, the DSO must be informed as quickly as possible, in addition to the person who has supervisory responsibility for the area concerned. Informing the next of kin is the responsibility of the Departmental Administrator, who should be called without delay. Any personal possessions of the casualty should either accompany them to hospital or be given to the Administrator or their Supervisor for safe keeping. Maintaining the First Aid Equipment. Goggles/safety spectacles should be washed in warm water and dried. Ensure that the outer gloves are tested for pinholes by filling with water, and are washed and dried. The inner gloves should be discarded.

In the experiment, the school is also completely ignore the necessary protective measures, leading to students contact with hydrofluoric acid.The responsibility for school is that students did not take action on the necessary protective measures. Hydrofluoric acid is volatile, or into the respiratory tract irritation of the eyes, etc. will also cause serious damage. The US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory practices in particular, more than 5% concentration of hydrofluoric acid test must use a fume hood, ensure ventilation condition. In addition to rubber gloves, the operator must wear protective clothing, use of chemical goggles, but also the use of protective masks when necessary, in order to achieve systemic protection. And the accident, langxi high school students when using 20% hydrofluoric acid to do the experiment, did not wear any gloves, resulting in contact with hydrofluoric acid burns unarmed students, school is really to blame.