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The potassium fluoride activated fly ash and its activation mechanism in the leaching process of roasting products were studied. The effects of fly ash and potassium fluoride mass ratio, calcination time and calcination temperature on the acid leaching properties of aluminum and iron in calcined products were investigated by orthogonal test.

The results show that the mass ratio of fly ash to potassium fluoride, the calcination temperature has a significant effect on the leaching rate of aluminum and iron, but the calcination time has little effect. The optimum calcination conditions were as follows: the calcination time was 1 h, the mass ratio of fly ash to potassium fluoride was 20: 4, and the calcination temperature was 800 ℃. The leaching rate of aluminum and iron in the calcined product was 96.92%. It is shown that calcination of fly ash with potassium fluoride as auxiliomer can achieve a good activation effect.