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The present invention relates to a method for preparing methanesulfonyl fluoride CH3SO2F by separating the material after the reaction of methyl sulfonyl chloride with potassium fluoride.

The method comprises the following steps: (1) Mixing water, potassium fluoride(KF) and methylsulfonyl chloride CH3SO2Cl, or mixing potassium fluoride KF aqueous solution with methylsulfonyl chloride CH3SO2Cl to produce fluorination reaction; (2) Adding neutralization; (3) Cooling the crystallization; (4) The obtained material is subjected to solid-liquid separation; (5) The liquid phase obtained in the previous step is subjected to liquid-liquid separation and the oil phase proceeds to the next step; (6) The liquid phase obtained in the previous step is separated by distillation under reduced pressure, and the gas-phase condensation product is methylsulfonyl fluoride CH3SO2F. (7) The solidified liquid is subjected to solid-liquid separation; (8) The invention has the advantages that the product has high yield, good quality, low cost, process safety and environmental protection.