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This paper focuses on the fluorination reaction of transition metal catalyzed unsaturated hydrocarbons. Based on the study of the mechanism of fluoropalladium, the fluoro-oxidation of palladium-catalyzed olefins was realized. The free radical reaction of metal was developed to realize the intermolecular fluorosulfone reaction of palladium-catalyzed olefins. Based on the oxidative fluorination mechanism of hydrocarbon - imine, the synthesis of fluoroisoquinoline with potassium fluoride as fluorine source was realized and the method was applied to the synthesis of [18F] fluoroquinoline. The main contents are as follows: 

Study on Intramolecular Fluorine Oxidation of Olefins Catalyzed by Ammonium Oxide: The use of N - fluorobenzene sulfonamide (NFSI) as fluorine source and oxidant to achieve the intramolecular fluorooxidation of palladium - catalyzed olefins. The reaction was initiated by oxidizing Pd (0) to Pd (II) -F active species by NFSI, and finally the Pd (IV) intermediate in the reaction was quenched by intramolecular oxygen nucleophiles. The study provides a simple method for the synthesis of fluorinated tetrahydrofuran.