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The utility model relates to a potassium fluoride fluorination reaction device with distillation drying, which is composed of a hot oil tank, an electric heater, a cold oil tank, a reactor, a distillation column, a condenser, a receiving tank and the like. The hot oil tank is connected to the reactor through an electric heater and the cold oil tank is connected to the reactor. The reactor is connected with the receiving tank through a rectification column. The utility model transforms the traditional vertical reaction kettle into a horizontal reaction reactor, and extends the function of the dryer into a reaction device and a distillation device. The three functions are integrated, the structure design is reasonable, the operation is simple, the equipment investment is small, the solid dry separation, to avoid the solid-liquid separation caused by the smell of pollution, but also reduce the liquid loss, improve the rate of return, stirring line speed, to ensure full reaction of solid and improve the reaction yield.