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Potassium fluoride is a high value-added inorganic fluoride, the current industrial commonly used hydrogen fluoride and potassium hydroxide as raw materials, but the cost of hydrofluoric acid as raw materials is too high; and fluorosilicic acid or fluorine Potassium silicate as raw material pyrolysis of the dry method will lead to the reaction temperature is too high, can not achieve industrial production.

The choice of raw materials Ammonium fluoride can be produced by the production of fluorosulfuric acid by fluorosilicic acid, which not only can reduce the production cost, but also can effectively solve the problem that the fluorine product is single and the added value is low due to the shortage of production technology. Ammonium fluoride and potassium hydroxide reaction in the escape of ammonia and a small amount of water with fluorosilicic acid absorption can produce raw materials ammonium fluoride, can achieve the recycling of resources; the entire production process to overcome the traditional dry synthesis of energy consumption. The equipment required for high temperature corrosion resistance of high defects.

The method of single factor and orthogonal experiment was used to study the purity and yield of potassium fluoride products. The process of potassium fluoride and potassium hydroxide were studied systematically. In order to maintain its excellent performance, sodium dodecyl sulfonate and sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate were used as anti-moisture additives, and the effects of the addition of effect of anhydrous potassium fluoride on the purity and moisture absorption.