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Electroplating at 800 ℃ with the composition of 4.8KCl-55.7Potassium Fluoride-15.3K <2> TiF <6> -24.2 by electroplating TiB <2> aluminum electrolysis with molten salt electrolysis on carbon cathode KBF <4> (%) of the electrolyte, the current density of 0.3A /cm <2>, electrolysis 3h. The XRD and EMP morphology of the prepared coatings were analyzed.

The experimental results show that the coating composition is a single TiB <2>, no phase. Coating thickness of up to 0.2mm, the surface smooth, evenly distributed, with the carbon matrix with good, and a metallic luster. Indicating that under this electrolysis condition, Ti and B can co-deposit on the cathode and generate TiB <2>.