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Aiming at the problem of low extraction rate of alumina extracted from pulverized coal ash from pulverized coal furnace, KF(Potassium Fluoride) · 2H2O was used as the method of roasting cosolvent. The method was applied to the solution of alumina in fly ash, dissolution rate of up to 95%.

The effects of roasting ratio, calcination temperature, dissolution solid - liquid ratio, dissolution temperature and dissolution time on the dissolution rate of alumina in fly ash were studied. The sintered samples and acid leaching residue were characterized by XRD. The results show that the effect of potassium fluoride on the activation of alumina in pulverized coal ash is obvious. After the activation, the main phase is nepheline, the calcination ratio is 20:19, the calcination temperature is 900 ℃, The optimum dissolution conditions of 6 h /L HCl, 1/4 solid - liquid ratio and 60 ℃ elution for 30 min under the optimum conditions of elution were more than 97% , and the fluorine is mainly in the acid leaching residue.