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In order to determine the performance symptoms of different plants after fluoride injury and the damage threshold and lethal concentration of different plants on fluoride, so as to provide a theoretical basis for the prevention and treatment of fluoride pollution, the use of different concentrations of potassium fluoride solution and potassium chloride solution to deal with a variety of plants Seedling and mature foliage, observe the symptoms of various plants after exposure to fluoride and detect different concentrations of potassium fluoride after treatment of plant leaf fluoride content.

The results showed that the treatment of potassium fluoride solution, different plants will appear different symptoms of injury in the same treatment period, the higher the concentration of potassium fluoride, the more obvious the symptoms of plant damage, leaf fluoride content is higher; different treatment period, fluoride potassium on the plant damage threshold and lethal concentration is not the same, but the plant began to appear symptoms and death when the leaves of fluoride content is basically the same conditions of potassium chloride solution, the plant no obvious symptoms of injury, indicating the presence of fluoride is not conducive to the damage threshold and lethal concentration of potassium fluoride on various plant seedlings and mature foliage were determined according to the treatment concentration, time and the degree of damage to the plant.