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The present invention provides a process for producing potassium fluoride, comprising the steps of:

1) With hydrofluoric acid, potassium hydroxide and water as raw materials, water was added to the reaction tank, 90% potassium hydroxide was added to the reaction vessel, potassium hydroxide was diluted to 70% aqueous solution, and 40% fluoric acid, the reaction tube slowly into the reaction tank to react, the reaction is about to terminate, the measured pH, control the pH value of 7.5-8, stop adding hydrofluoric acid, standing for 12h, the pump into the storage tank;

2) Open the centrifugal fan, open the heater, control the inlet temperature 450-500 degrees Celsius, clean room temperature 850-900 degrees Celsius, the outlet temperature of 220-230 degrees Celsius, and then open the material pump, the storage tank in the potassium fluoride solution pump Into the spray dryer, control the feeding rate of 190r / min, this time the formation of powder anhydrous potassium fluoride;

3) Packing. The invention has the following technical effect: the technology is simple, the production cost is low, has the good social, the economical and the environmental protection benefit, and is easy to popularize the application.