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In this paper, the ruthenium-based ammonia synthesis catalyst was prepared on the magnesium oxide carrier with potassium fluoride(KF) as the promoter. Potassium fluoride was the more effective accelerator of MgO-supported ruthenium-based ammonia synthesis catalyst by comparison with the performance of conventional potassium nitrate accelerator. K / Ru = 3, the catalyst reached the highest activity at 425 ° C 40.08 ml NH3 / hr.g-CAT. Increase the potassium content, but decreased activity.

The results show that the addition of potassium fluoride accelerator can improve the dispersibility of ruthenium by XRD and HRTEM. The ruthenium catalyst promoted by KF has 17.87% ruthenium particles between 1 and 3 nm and belongs to the center of ammonia synthesis B5. The KF can better expose the Ru (100) active crystal face and provide more reactive sites, and the KF promotes the ruthenium - based ammonia synthesis catalyst with obvious structural sensitivity. By comparing the ammonia synthesis promoting properties of KF and KNO3 on Al2O3 and carbon nanotube carriers and the XRD results of KF-doped MgO and Al2O3, it was clarified that KF and MgO3 carriers could undergo fluorine-oxygen ion exchange under ammonia synthesis , The formation of highly dispersed KOH on the surface of the catalyst, in the ammonia synthesis reaction from the role of accelerator; the same time this fluorine oxygen exchange, will change the performance of magnesium oxide carrier, thus affecting the dispersion of active metal ruthenium and metal and carrier between each other So that the ammonia synthesis activity of the catalyst is improved. Finally, the ruthenium catalyst promoted by BaF2 has confirmed that fluoride is an effective accelerator for ammonia synthesis catalyst.