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The researchers prepared potassium fluoride /magnesium oxide, potassium fluoride /zinc oxide, potassium fluoride /alumina, potassium fluoride /calcium oxide - magnesium oxide, potassium fluoride /hydrotalcite, fluorinated potassium /potassium fluoride /calcium-aluminum composite oxide and potassium fluoride /magnesium aluminum composite oxide solid base catalyst, which is applied to rapeseed oil, potassium fluoride /soybean oil and other fat transesterification reaction, have shown a strong catalytic activity. 

It was found that the catalytic activity of these catalysts was related to the alkali intensity and the amount of alkali on the surface of the catalyst, while the alkali and alkaline contents of the catalyst surface were related to the loading and calcination temperature of potassium fluoride. 

The results of catalyst characterization showed that there were Al-O-K groups on the surface of the catalyst containing aluminum carrier. The catalysts containing magnesium, calcium and aluminum were in the presence of KMgF3 (K2MgF4), KCaF3 and K3AlF6 crystal phases, and the groups produced by these catalyst. The substance phase is considered to be the active component of the catalyst.